COVID-19 and Infection Control

Carolina Custom Transportation is constantly taking a proactive approach to protect our drivers and clients. We will continue to follow NCDOT, CDC and local health departmental guidelines during any pandemic or community infection control concerns.

If you require non-emergent medical transportation during this pandemic, utilize a transportation service well equipped and prepared to combat the spread of COVID-19.

—Misty D. Berrier, RN, BSN

Carolina Custom Transportation, LLC COVID-19 Precautions

CCT Took A Proactive Approach back in February to begin gathering supplies, training staff and educating our customers

***Stringent Implementation Measures***

  • 3-hr ALL staff mandatory re-training on infection control
  • No staff meetings with greater than 8 employees at once
  • Fitting and Use of N-95 masks by NEMT drivers to prevent possible cross-contamination
  • Appropriate stock and use of PPE on each fleet vehicle
  • On-site sanitization of work stations and fleet vehicles every 3 hours with Clorox and Virex TB
  • Strict handwashing, alcohol-based hand sanitization, and gloving as necessary
  • Social distancing on fleet vehicles of 3 – 6 ft apart with staggered seating
  • No more than 4 clients on 10-12 passenger vans at a time
  • No clients sitting beside or directly behind driver
  • Education of COVID-19 signs/symptoms to recognize/report
  • No passing of forms, paperwork, cash, payments between driver & client
  • Remote work sessions for Administrative Staff


We are dedicated to the essential transport needs of our community during this state of emergency. 


**Any future developments and updates as we adhere to city, state, federal, CDC, & WHO guidelines and recommendations can be found on our websites and facebook page.**